The Cloud Security Alliance CCSK (Certificate Of Cloud Security Knowledge) Is The Launchpad For Skyrocketing Your Cloud Security Career

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) by the Cloud Security Alliance was the industry’s first cloud security certification back in 2011 and it continues to be the gold standard for cloud security knowledge.

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) training program is the first choice for IT and security professionals who are interested in validating their knowledge and understanding in cloud security.

CCSK training will help you gain a clear understanding of the key security controls and factors commonly associated with today’s rapidly changing cloud environment.

The CCSK certificate validates your cohesive and vendor-neutral knowledge of key cloud security. You will understand how to secure critical assets in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments on any providers platform (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google).

The national average salary for a cloud security professional is $132,446 per year in United States. Salary estimates are based on 7 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by cloud security employees.

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Thousands of security professionals have obtained the CCSK certificate. It is therefore no surprise that and listed CCSK as #1 on the list of Top Ten Cloud Computing Certifications.

Cloud security skills are in high demand because companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud at a rapid pace. As a result, a shift in security strategy and controls are required. Also, cloud security threats are much different than they were in traditional datacenter environments and this is driving companies to actively seek cloud security professionals to help protect their data and organizations.

A quick search for cloud security jobs on LinkedIN is all the evidence you need to understand the demand for cloud security professionals.

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The CCSK demonstrates that you possess expert knowledge in 14 technical and strategic cloud security domains:

  • Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Virtualization & Containers
  • Identity, Entitlement, & Access Management
  • Application Security
  • Data Security & Encryption
  • Security as a Service
  • Incident Response
  • Governance & Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal Issues, Contracts & Electronic Discovery
  • Compliance & Audit Management
  • Information Governance
  • Management Plane & Business Continuity
  • Related Technologies

Employer’s clearly value the CCSK as evidenced by the high salaries of cloud security professionals. Based on many years of being a cybersecurity professional and having worked in global enterprise organizations, I immediately know if someone has their CCSK or not based on how they approach cloud security projects.

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CCSK Benefits

  • Earning the gold standard CCSK cloud security certificate is a proven way to build your career in cybersecurity and understand how to properly secure critical business and technology assets in the cloud.
  • Once you earn the CCSK, you have it for life. There are no annual fees or CPE’s to track like there are with many other cloud security certifications.
  • The CCSK demonstrates that you possess advanced cloud security technical skills, and equally important, you understand the business and enterprise risk management implications of building and operating in the cloud, based on global best practices.
  • By earning the CCSK, you earn the skills that enable you to think through real world cloud security projects. You have the tools and knowledge to lead cloud security projects and be recognized as a cloud security thought leader in your organization.

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Why Earn The Cloud Security Alliance CCSK Certification?

  • The CCSK was the first cloud security certification dating back to 2011 and continues to be recognized as the gold standard for cloud security.
  • The average cloud security professional salary in the USA is $132,446 as reported by the trusted Glassdoor survey.
  • You do not need multiple years of certifiable cloud security experience as a pre-requisite like you do with other cloud security certifications. So long as you can pass the exam, you earn the CCSK and have it for life!
  • After passing the CCSK exam, you possess the confidence and knowledge to be recognized as a cloud security thought leader in your organization.

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CCSK Foundation Introduction
Introduction to Your Learning Environment
Foundation Overview

Module 1 – Cloud Architecture
Unit 1 – Introduction to Cloud Computing
Unit 2 – Introduction & Cloud Architecture
Unit 3 – Cloud Essential Characteristics
Unit 4 – Cloud Service Models
Unit 5 – Cloud Deployment Models
Unit 6 – Shared Responsibilities

Module 2 – Infrastructure Security for Cloud
Unit 1 – Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
Unit 2 – Intro to Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
Unit 3 – Software Defined Networks
Unit 4 – Cloud Network Security
Unit 5 – Securing Compute Workloads
Unit 6 – Management Plane Security
Unit 7 – BCDR

Module 3 – Managing Cloud Security and Risk
Unit 1 – Managing Cloud Computing Security & Risk
Unit 2 – Governance
Unit 3 – Managing Cloud Security Risk
Unit 4 – Compliance
Unit 5 – Legal Consideration for Cloud
Unit 6 – Audit
Unit 7 – CSA Tools

Module 4 – Data Security For Cloud
Unit 1 – Module Introduction
Unit 2 – Cloud Data Storage
Unit 3 – Securing Data In The Cloud
Unit 4 – Encryption For IaaS
Unit 5 – Encryption For PaaS & SaaS
Unit 6 – Encryption Key Management
Unit 7 – Other Data Security Options
Unit 8 – Data Security Lifecycle

Module 5 – Securing Cloud Applications, Users and Related Technologies
Unit 1 – Module Introduction
Unit 2 – Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)
Unit 3 – Testing & Assessment
Unit 4 – DevOps
Unit 5 – Secure Operations
Unit 6 – Identity & Access Management Definitions
Unit 7 – IAM Standards
Unit 8 – IAM In Practice

Module 6 – Cloud Security Operations
Unit 1 – Module Introduction
Unit 2 – Selecting A Cloud Provider
Unit 3 – Incident Response
Unit 4 – SECaaS Fundamentals
Unit 5 – SECaaS Categories & Recommendations
Unit 6 – Domain 14 Considerations
Unit 7 – CCSK Exam Preparation

CCSK Plus Labs

Core Account Security
Learn what to configure in the first 5 minutes of opening a new cloud account and enable security controls such as MFA, basic monitoring, and IAM.

IAM and Monitoring In-Depth
Expand on your work in the first lab and implement more-complex identity management and monitoring. This includes expanding IAM with Attribute Based Access Controls, implementing security alerting, and understanding how to structure enterprise-scale IAM and monitoring.

Network and Instance Security
Create a virtual network (VPC) and implement a baseline security configuration. You will also learn how to securely select and launch a virtual machine (instance), run a vulnerability assessment in the cloud, and connect to the instance.

Encryption and Storage Security
Expand your deployment by adding a storage volume encrypted with a customer managed key. You will also learn how to secure snapshots and other data.

Application Security and Federation
Finish the technical labs by completely building out a 2-tier application and implementing federated identity using OpenID.

Risk and Provider Assessment
Practice using the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix and STAR registry to evaluate risk and select a cloud provider.