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Amazon Inspector For Automating Security Assessments & Remediations In AWS by Tim Layton @

Amazon Inspector For Automating Security Assessments & Remediations In AWS

Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. It assesses applications for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices developed by AWS. After performing an assessment, Amazon Inspector produces a detailed list of security findings prioritized by level of severity that can and should be reviewed by qualified information security professionals.

Orchestration Threats For SD-WAN by Tim Layton

Orchestration Threats For SD-WAN

I recently wrote an article describing four main threats for SD-WAN that can be used as a checklist for cybersecurity professionals and enterprise stakeholders when reviewing and implementing SD-WAN. In this article today, I am going to dive deeper into Orchestration Layer Threats for SD-WAN and some key points for consideration.

SD-WAN Security Threat Checklist by Tim Layton

SD-WAN Security Threat Checklist

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is quickly becoming an enterprise staple to help control costs, reduce application latency, and reduce network downtime. However, with all of those benefits come with new cybersecurity threats and risks that should be considered and evaluated prior to deployment.