Heading in 2022, What Is The Best Cloud Security Certification To Pursue?

Heading in 2022, What Is The Best Cloud Security Certification To Pursue?
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Based on decades of experience in the cybersecurity field, I have lived and worked through three major transitions in cybersecurity starting with the mainframe in the 1980’s, and then transitioning to a distributed LAN/WAN and datacenter model in the 1990’s, and now the world is running to the cloud as fast as possible.

With each major transition, there are always new security challenges. While cloud computing allows for the fastest and most agile way to develop and deliver new applications and value, there are plenty of security challenges and new attack surfaces that organization’s are faced to manage in the new cloud-based digital frontier.

I believe it is very important to master fundamentals. In the realm of cloud security, Cloud Security Alliance’s CCSK certificate is the single best way to learn and master the relevant and important cloud security challenges facing every type of organization today. Master the 14 domains in CCSK and you are no longer low hanging fruit for cyber criminals and malicious threat actors.

If you bypass the CCSK and go directly to a vendor specific cloud security related certification, I believe you are doing yourself a major disservice even if you are more focused on DevOps as opposed to cybersecurity.

The value of learning cloud security in a vendor agnostic way is a huge benefit because CSA takes an unbiased and vendor neutral approach to teaching you key cloud security guidance and security controls that you need to fully understand in order to be successful in your cloud security career.

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The CCSP from ISC2 isn’t an option for newer cloud security professionals or even security professionals with some experience because they require several years of relevant experience before allowing you to sit for the exam. The CCSP is worth pursuing at a later time in your career.

The CCSK demonstrates that you possess expert knowledge in 14 technical and strategic cloud security domains. If you master these areas, you will be considered a thought leader in your organization.

  • Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Virtualization & Containers
  • Identity, Entitlement, & Access Management
  • Application Security
  • Data Security & Encryption
  • Security as a Service
  • Incident Response
  • Governance & Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal Issues, Contracts & Electronic Discovery
  • Compliance & Audit Management
  • Information Governance
  • Management Plane & Business Continuity
  • Related Technologies

Employer’s clearly value the CCSK as evidenced by the high salaries of cloud security professionals. Based on many years of being a cybersecurity professional and having worked in global enterprise organizations, I immediately know if someone has their CCSK certification or not based on how they approach cloud security projects.

Bottom line, if you are serious about a career in cloud security, then get started on your CCSK as soon as possible and establish a rock solid foundation that will continue to provide benefits as time progresses.

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